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AWS Developer Associate

API Gateway

Allows us to create REST APIs which can be public and accessible to the clients. It can proxy requests to Lambda functions and other services which expose HTTP end-points.


Integrates with

API Gateway Endpoint Types

Deployment Stages

Canary Deployments

API Gateway Integration Types

Mapping Templates

AWS API Gateway Swagger/OpenAPI Spec

Caching in API Gateway

API Gateway Usage Plans & API Keys

Monitoring, Logging/Tracing


Security and IAM Permissions

-IAM Permissions: - We should create an IAM policy if other AWS services access the API Gateway from the same account - We can leverage “Sig v4” capability where IAM credentials are in headers - Authentication = IAM | Authorization = IAM Policy - Resource policies: - Set policy on the API Gateway and set who can access it - Allows for cross account access (combined with IAM Security) - Allow for specific IP source