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Advanced S3

Amazon S3 - Moving between Storage Classes

Moving between Storage Classes

Amazon S3 - Lifecycle Rules

Amazon S3 - Lifecycle Rules (Scenario 1)

Amazon S3 - Lifecycle Rules (Scenario 2)

Amazon S3 Analytics - Storage Class Analysis

S3 Event Notifications

S3 Event Notifications with Amazon EventBridge

S3 - Baseline Performance

S3 Performance

Multi-Part upload S3 Transfer Acceleration
recommended for files > 100MB, must use for files > 5GB Increase transfer speed by transferring file to an AWS edge location which will forward the data to the S3 bucket in the target region
Can help parallelize uploads (speed up transfers) Compatible with multi-part upload
Parallelize GETs by requesting specific byte ranges  
Better resilience in case of failures  
Can be used to speed up downloads Can be used to retrieve only partial data (for example the head of a file)

S3 Select & Glacier Select

S3 User-Defined Object Metadata & S3 Object Tags

Amazon S3 - Object Encryption

Amazon S3 Encryption - SSE-S3

Amazon S3 Encryption - SSE-KMS

SSE-KMS Limitation

Amazon S3 Encryption - SSE-C

Amazon S3 Encryption - Client-Side Encryption

Amazon S3 - Encryption in transit (SSL/TLS)

What is CORS?


Amazon S3 - CORS

Amazon S3 - MFA Delete

S3 Access Logs

S3 Access Logs:Warning

Amazon S3 - Pre-Signed URLs

S3 - Access Points

Access Points

S3 - Access Points - VPC Origin

S3 Object Lambda

S3 Object Lambda