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Route 53

What is DNS?

DNS Terminologies


How DNS Works

'DNS Works'

Amazon Route 53

Route 53

Route 53 - Records

Route 53 - RecordTypes

Route 53 - Hosted Zones

Feature Public Hosted Zones Private Hosted Zones
Purpose To make your resources available to the internet To make your resources available only to resources within your VPC
Resolves to Public IP addresses Private IP addresses within your VPC
Access Available to anyone on the internet Only available to resources within your VPC
Example Use Case A website hosted on an EC2 instance An application hosted on an EC2 instance in a private subnet

Hosted Zones

Route 53 - RecordsTTL (TimeTo Live)

CNAME vs Alias

Route 53 - Alias Records

Route 53 - Alias Records Targets

Route 53 - Routing Policies

Routing Policies - Simple

Routing Policies - Multi-Value

Simple Routing

Routing Policies - Weighted


Routing Policies - Latency-based

Route 53 - Health Checks

Health Checks - Monitor an Endpoint

Route 53 - Calculated Health Checks

Health Checks - Private Hosted Zones

Private Hosted

Routing Policies - Failover (Active-Passive)


Routing Policies - Geolocation


Routing Policies - Geoproximity

Route 53 - Traffic flow

Domain Registar vs. DNS Service

GoDaddy as Registrar & Route 53 as DNS Service

DNS Service

3rd Party Registrar with Amazon Route 53