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EC2 Instance Storage

EBS Volumes

What’s an EBS Volume?

EBS Volume

EBS - Delete on Termination attribute

EBS Snapshots

EBS Snapshots Features

EBS Volume Types

EBS Volume Types Use cases

General Purpose SSD

Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS) SSD

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

EBS Multi-Attach - io1/io2 family

EFS: Elastic File System

EFS - Performance & Storage Classes

EFS - Storage Classes

EBS vs EFS - Elastic Block Storage

EBS vs EFS - Elastic File System

EFS Infrequent Access (EFS-IA)

Amazon FSx - Overview

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Lustre

EC2 Instance Store

Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 Storage

Infrastructure Setting up backup / snapshot procedures
Replication for data for EBS volumes & EFS drives Setting up data encryption
Replacing faulty hardware Responsibility of any data on the drives
Ensuring their employees cannot access your data Understanding the risk of using EC2 Instance Store

AMI Overview

AMI Process (from an EC2 instance)

EC2 Image Builder