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GCP Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

Basic CLI Commands

(Based on:

gcloud Init

gcloud init

gcloud Structure

$ gcloud compute instances  list
# |------base--| |--who--| |-what-|

$ gcloud components install  kubectl # exception
# |------base-----| |-what-| |-who-|

Set the Project

gcloud config set project PROJECT-NAME

Bucket Versioning (NB: is gsutil)

gsutil versioning set (on|off) gs://<bucket_name>...
gsutil versioning get gs://<bucket_name>...

List VM

gcloud compute instances list [--zones] [--format json]

Start and Stopping VM Instances

gcloud compute instances start INSTANCE_NAMES
gcloud compute instances stop  INSTANCE_NAMES

Create VM with Boot Disk

gcloud compute instances create VM_NAME \
    --source-snapshot=BOOT_SNAPSHOT_NAME \
    --boot-disk-size=BOOT_DISK_SIZE \
    --boot-disk-type=BOOT_DISK_TYPE \

Install Components (e.g. kubectl, minikube, kustomize, bq)

gcloud components list
gcloud components install PRODUCT

Set a Default Region

gcloud config set compute/region europe-west1

Create Compute Engine Persistent Disks

gcloud compute disks create my-disk-1 my-disk-2 --zone=us-east1-a

Create a Snapshot of an Instance’s Disk

gcloud compute disks snapshot DISK_NAME --snapshot-names=NAME

Get K8s Cluster Credentials

gcloud container clusters get-credentials --zone us-central1-a standard-cluster-1

Resize a Cluster Nodes

gcloud container clusters resize sample-cluster --num-nodes=2

Add IAM Policy Binding

gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding example-project-id-1  --member='' --role='roles/editor'

Delete default VPC (NB: start with ‘compute’)

gcloud compute networks delete default

Create VPC

gcloud compute networks create

gcloud Wide Flags

--account         # GCP user account to use for invocation
--project         # The Google Cloud Platform project ID to use for this invocation
--billing-project # project that will be charged quota for operations performed
--configuration   # The configuration to use for this command invocation
--flags-file      # A YAML or JSON file that specifies a --flag:value dictionary
--flatten         # Use to "flatten" resources list
--format          # Set the format for printing command output resources
--log-http        # Log all HTTP server requests and responses to stderr
--trace-token     # Token used to route traces of service requests for investigation of issues

List VPC networks

gcloud compute networks list

List Existing Clusters for Running Containers

gcloud container clusters list

Describe Cluster Image Info (NB: is gcloud not kubectl)

gcloud container images describe

Kubernetes List Nodes, Pods

kubectl get nodes
kubectl get pods

Kubernetes Get More Info about Nodes, Pods, Deployments, etc

kubectl describe nodes
kubectl describe pods
kubectl describe deployments

Connect to a SQL Database

gcloud sql connect db-mysql –user=root

Create a Bucket for a SQL Database

gcloud sql backups create ––async ––instance [INSTANCE_NAME]

Enable SQL Automatic Backups

gcloud sql instances patch [INSTANCE_NAME] –backup-start-time [HH:MM]

Big Query Estimate Costs for a Query

bq ––location=[LOCATION] query ––dry_run [SQL_QUERY]