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Event Processing

Caching Strategies

Blocking an IP Address in AWS

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Highly Available EC2 Instances

  1. Option:
    • Main EC2 instance with Elastic IP + standby EC2 instance for failover
    • EC2 instance can be monitored with CloudWatch Events + Lambda functions. Using this method we can failover in case of an issue.
  2. Option:
    • ASG in 2 availability zones
    • ASG settings: 1 min, 1 max, 1 desired
    • In case of failover the new instance will be launched in the second AZ
    • The Elastic IP can be attached to the instance with using an user data script
  3. Option:
    • Setup is same as option 2 + EBS
    • ASG can use lifecycle groups, based on these we can create an EBS snapshot and attach it to the newer instance

Highly Available Bastion Hosts