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Advantages of X-Ray


X-Ray Leverages Tracing

How to enable X-Ray

  1. Application code (Java, Python, Go, Node.js, .NET) must import the AWS X-Ray SDK
    • Very little code modification needed
    • The application SDK will then capture:
    • Calls to AWS services
    • HTTP / HTTPS requests
    • Database Calls (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB)
    • Queue calls (SQS)
  2. Install the X-Ray daemon or enable X-Ray AWS Integration
    • X-Ray daemon works as a low level UDP packet interceptor (Linux / Windows / Mac…)
    • AWS Lambda / other AWS services already run the X-Ray daemon for you
    • Each application must have the IAM rights to write data to X-Ray

X-Ray’s internal magic

AWS X-Ray Troubleshooting

X-Ray Instrumentation

X-Ray Sampling Rules

X-Ray Write APIs

X-Ray Read APIs

X-Ray DevOps Automation