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AWS Devops Engineer Professional

Serverless - AWS Lambda Functions, Step Functions and API Gateway

Serverless Introduction

AWS Lambda Introduction

Benefits of Lambda

AWS Lambda Integrations

AWS Lambda Limits - Per Region

AWS Lambda@Edge

Environment Variables

AWS Lambda Versions

AWS Lambda Aliases

SAM - Serverless Application Model

  1. Download a sample application

     sam init --runtime java11
  2. Build the application

     sam build
  3. Invoke function locally

     sam local invoke <function-name> -e event.json
     sam local start-api
  4. Package the application

     sam package --output-template packaged.yaml --s3-bucket <bucket-name> --region us-east-2 --profile aws-devops
  5. Deploy the application

     sam deploy --template-file packaged.yaml --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM --stack-name <stack-name> --region us-east-2 --profile aws-devops

AWS Step Functions

Standard vs Express Step Functions

Step Function Use Cases

API Gateway

API Gateway Endpoint Types

API Gateway - Deployment Stages

API Gateway - Stage Variables

API Gateway - Canary Deployments

API Gateway - Throttling

Fronting Step Functions